DIY Miniature Fairy Garden

Build and design your own miniature fairy garden yourself. These self-designed gardens attract attention. The size depends entirely on the size of the planting bowl. Suitable are galvanized tub any size, planting bowls, 1/2 planter barrels etc.
The size of the container determines the size of your miniature garden. Succulents are particularly suitable as indoor plants. Small conifers, hens and chicks and maybe something blooming are suitable for outdoors.
Don't overload, because plants grow and you still need space for your fairy garden items. Less is more.

You need the bowl of your choice. Fill the floor with lava rocks. If your miniature garden is outside, it should have a drainage so that no water accumulates. Fill the next layer with soil. Then plant it with plants of your choice. In the example shown, an indoor garden is created with aloe vera cactus and an aralia (second example shoes succulents). Natural objects such as bark (e.g. birch bark) and small beautiful stones complement the decoration well. Now decorate the garden with gnomes, fairies and fairy houses or miniature houses. A small river embellishes the whole.

Galvanized tubs in different sizes , as well  as already planted indoor and outdoor miniature gardens are available.