Fairy Gardens

Since some years I am creating mushrooms, toadstools and Fairy Houses. Recently I got asked: Are you doing Fairy Garden items. No, not yet.

So I started making some clay gnomes, clay fairies and some different kind of toadstools and mushroom islands. To complete the whole thing I still needed a Fairy Garden.

As you can see the miniature Fairy Garden looks nice in the galvanized tub. This lovely pot enhances now my pottery studio entrance.

Now, I am a kind of addicted to say at least and created the Facebook Group Fairy Garden Lovers in Canada.

Come, join and enjoy!

Below you see some photos of my first Fairy Garden items I created. Check out my little Online-Shop .

Did you know fairy gardens first debuted in the US in 1893? They began as bonsai dish gardens and their popularity was likely due to the Japanese Pavilion at the Chicago World's Fair. Soon thereafter, the New York Times featured these miniature creations in an article and the rest, as they say, is history.