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26. March 2017
Right now I am getting ready for the spring season and what is more colorful in spring than different types of flowers. The three photos above are showing the glazed flowers before they go into the kiln. They are always looking pretty pale as the glaze never shows the final outcome. It needs a lot of fantasy to imagine how they will look at the end of the day. The opening of the kiln is always exciting. I love those shining colors.
22. February 2017
Easter was the main theme! As there are so many different creation possibilities and people let their ideas flow they created beautiful seasonal decoration.
28. January 2017
We spent four years in Paraguay and called a little farm our own. Here you see a variety of my work I created during those years.
09. January 2017
This year I will focus on a variety of smaller things, flowers of a different kind on a welding wire (on different lengths). They are already looking pretty nice, so I am working on different shapes.